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Rakita has defined the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), which represents the baseline for communication and cooperation with all target audiences influenced, or potentially influenced, by the project of geological exploration. At the same time, by adopting this document, opportunity for the creation of proactive communication with the community has been created.


It is this document that shapes a series of activities that are crucial to establishing and maintaining a constructive cooperation with stakeholders at the local, national and international level.


The Stakeholder Engagement Plan has been developed in accordance with the obligations of the company to follow the standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) related to environmental protection, as well as the principles of the United Nations on human rights.

A very important unit within the Stakeholder Engagement Plan is the Grievances Mechanism  which is clearly defined and set forth in this document. Its application and implementation has been confirmed in the first quarter of this year, regarding the remediation of damage of a particular road section in the village of Slatina. During the implementation of planned work activities, Rakita has caused minor damage to the part of the local road network. However, by adequately approaching the situation and reaching an agreement with local people, the damage has been remedied at the earliest possible notice. It is this approach to responsibility and obligations that shows the Company’s explicit attitude towards respecting the principles laid down in the defined Grievance Mechanism.
The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is available to the public on Rakita’s website at Also, all interested subjects can check the printed version of this document at the premises of Rakita Info Center in Bor (46/6 Mose Pijade Street).