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How important is compliance with legal regulations, and how cautious should you be in business communication which sometimes involves the exchange of appropriate gifts – it was the subject of the training which the representatives of the company „Earnst & Young doo Belgrade“ held for Rakita’s staff.


The training itself, primarily, covered the introduction to basic elements and terms of corruption, fraud or theft. Members of Rakita’s staff also understood what proportion in each case has a human factor, and the subjective preference of the individual to find himself in the similar situation, but also how much the individual consciousness is needed to avoid all of that. The starting position in the fight against corruption is getting to know the danger it brings, which was the main goal of this training.


According to the laws of most countries, a crime is considered to be performing or offering paying, or even accepting bribe and cash assets for bribing, or other corrupt payments. Anti-corruption laws, especially the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), represent the backbone of business that lies on sound and legal basis – it was heard at the training organized at Albo Hotel in Bor.

Rakita builds its social responsibility exactly on sound basis, which means investing in their staff and skills. This training and introducing the elements of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is only one in a series, which aims to creating responsible managers.