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THE ACTION OF PRESENTING THE SEP TO THE LOCAL COMMUNITY (Bor Municipality, Slatina, Metovnica, Brestovac)

March 16 – April 5, 2017 –

Knowing that quality and harmonious communication with the local community is one of the most important segments in projects such as geological exploration project ‘Timok’, Rakita’s management has organised, during the end of March and the beginning of April, a series of meetings, before all, with Leadership Assembly of Bor Municipality, as well as with the members of the Council of local communities Slatina, Metovnica and Brestovac.


The base of these meetings was the presentation of recently defined and accepted Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP). The importance of this document is based on a fact that it is the foundation for overall communication with the local community in every way. This Plan was created based on international standards and principles, and it follows all the necessary conditions that must be fulfilled in this kind of projects.


In this regard, the members of the local community in the villages which are included in the project activities are familiar, before all, with the project plans, but also with possibilities for helping their local community to benefit and preserve the environment and health. At the same time, Leadership Assembly of Bor Municipality and leading people of Bor Municipal Authority gave their support for continuation of the project.


The very important segment of the Engagement plan is ‘Grievances mechanism’ which specifies in details within which period the entire process must be completed, and also until when the complainant should receive an answer.
After presenting the SEP, it is planned for the so-called ‘Open House’ to be held in these rural local communities, where the Company would arrange introducing and conversation with all interested villagers in every Cultural center. The goal of these actions is for every villager from these communities to get accurate and reliable information, because only quality and harmonious communication can build mutual trust between the Company and the local residents, which is one of the pillars for successful realization of the project.