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Bor, April 26, 2017

8th grade students of Primary school „Stanoje Miljkovic“ in Brestovac, as well as from departments in Sarbanovac and Metovnica, visited Rakita and got familiar with professions related to geological exploration.

How are cores extracted with giant drilling machines from a depth of over 2,000 meters, how are those cores processed and how is determined whether there are some precious metals or ore – these are only few topics which Rakita’s representatives explained to interested students. Future high school students had an opportunity to hear which school should they enter in order to do all these jobs.

First of all, Rakita’s representatives introduced Company history to the students, as well as the Timok project, and then explained in details what do geologist and geological technician do, as well as the other workers in core processing. Students were pointed out that Technical high schools, and also technical professions, should be their desired schools if they want to do this kind of job. Also, they should enter Faculty of Mining and Geology if they want to be geologists.

Questions of students regarding core processing were a sure sign that this was something they were interested in. Future high school students were interested if the geological exploration would stop after opening of the mine, so should it be better to enter school for mining or geological technician. The answer that every mine precedes geological exploration, and that there is no mining technician who got the job before geological technican finished his work, somehow explained that both professions are very important. Information that Bor is located in so-called Tethyan basin which is very rich with ore, and that might attract future students to choose mining or geology professions.

Safety and work protection are always in the first place in this kind of companies, that’s what representatives of this department explained to students, pointing out that wearing full protective equipment and following safety rules are the most important in doing this job.

„Professional Orientation“ was initiated by Rakita exactly because of the fact that next generations will probably engage themselves in mining and geology in the future, so this event with students once again confirmed good cooperation between the Company and local community.