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In the middle of June, the river banks of Brestovacka Reka and Borska Reka in the villages of Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica were packed with residents of these two villages, supported by Rakita workers, who gathered at the initiative of our company in order to clean and restructure the land along these river beds.

The size of the action can also be reflected in the participation of the Municipality of Bor, local NGOs, many private companies, as well as the local Public Utility Company “3. oktobar”. The river Brestovacka Reka was the first in line to undergo the “elimination” of waste and garbage. More than 80 volunteers made their contribution that will remain visible in the years to come, as two and a half kilometers of the river bed were cleared. A huge quantity of plastic waste was extracted from the river, on which occasion the opportunity was seized to arrange the wild bushes and vegetation on certain sections. A large number of Brestovac residents responded to the action, and the local private company “S Inzenjering” gave their special contribution to the realization of the activities.

Equally successful was the action carried out in Slatina, along the river bed of Borska Reka. Bearing in mind that the Borska Reka River carries along industrial waters, which is why it is called “the dead river”, it is difficult to say that it became cleaner due to the action, however, plastic and other waste have been removed along its bed. Borska Reka River was cleaned in a similar action in 2014, which resulted in raising the awareness of Slatina residents and their more responsible behavior towards the area.  

During both of these actions, a total of 200 cubic meters of garbage was removed, and in order to increase environmental protection awareness, in places where individuals were once used to disposing of garbage, warning boards were placed so that no such behavior be exhibited in the future.  

Such actions should also have an educational purpose, therefore, pupils of elementary schools in both villages took part in a literary and art contest treating the subject of ecology. The best pieces were awarded encyclopedias and school supplies.