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At the initiative of Rakita, and in cooperation with the Association for Development of the Municipality of Bor and the Association “Arhaik”, the realization of the “Handicrafts” project has started in Brestovac.
It is a project aimed at training women in rural areas for the production of handicrafts using embroidery and gold thread embroidery technique, as well as weaving and felting, and trainings will soon be organized for women Slatina and Metovnica.
According to the plan, the women in Brestovac will master the technique of embroidery and gold thread embroidery, for women in Slatina it is planned to learn felting, while the women from Metovnica will dedicate themselves to weaving. Each of the trainings will last for four weeks.
The training is intended primarily for unemployed women who have affinity and interest in the production of these items, and the ultimate goal is the economic empowerment of women in rural areas. Above all, it refers to the sale of articles that women are making, via the Internet.
For the needs of the “Handicrafts” project a special website will be created, and a special concept of “online” sales will also be designed. This segment of the project is entrusted to the IT Center in Bor with which Rakita has a very good cooperation.
The funds for the realization of the “Handicrafts” projects were provided by the company Rakita worth USD 8,000.