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After completion of the Handicrafts training in Brestovac, the realization of the training for felting started in Slatina, in cooperation with the association “Handicrafts Arhaik”.

It is about the second phase of the project “Handicrafts – Women’s Entrepreneurship”, aimed at the economic empowerment of women in rural areas, in this case in the villages of Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica. Eight women from Slatina will learn the felting technique and to produce traditional items for four weeks with experienced educators. The project is designed so that these items will be sold through an online store.

The experience of the first embroidery and gold thread embroidery training in the Brestovac is more than positive and the women from this village are already creating items that will soon be offered to the market sales. It was this energy that originated from Brestovac, which was transferred to the felting trainees in Slatina, and women are already enthusiastically taking the first steps in mastering this technique.

Training in Brestovac and Slatina is realized with the help of local communities in these villages.

Rukotvorine Brestovac/Handicrafts Brestovac from Rakita on Vimeo.