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In cooperation with the Beekeeping Association “Slatina”, our company, within the Beekeeping Development Program in this village, organized a delivery of the material that will provide better conditions for a successful long-term bee pasture.

Representatives of our company delivered 85 liters of fuel, 300 kg of fertilizer to each beekeeper in Slatina, as well as 10 kg of phacelia seeds. According to the Program plan, each beekeeper will receive 20 seedlings in the spring of next year.

The main goal of this program is the sustainability of beekeeping as a branch of agriculture in this region. Bearing in mind that during the year the hoarfrost has greatly endangered the acacia bee pasture, this donation will precisely accelerate the conditions for yields in this area to be better.

The value of the Beekeeping Development Program in Slatina is RSD 600,000.

In addition to this program, our company recently provided a donation for all beekeepers in Bor and its surroundings as a lecture given by professor of the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, Zoran Stanimirovic, on the topic: “Bee diseases, prevention, treatment, and clinical examination”.


Beekeeping Development Program in Slatina from Rakita on Vimeo.