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Second phase of the “Handicrafts” program, which our company realizes in cooperation with local NGOs “Arhaik” and “Association for Development of the Municipality of Bor”, has been successfully completed, which considers finished training for production of handicrafts in the village of Slatina.

Eight women from this village are now able, after a one-month training, to produce traditional handicrafts using felting technique. Various items made of wool, such as slippers, handbags, woolen balls for decoration, and others, should soon find the way to the customers. All trainees are thrilled with the acquired knowledge that can enable them to provide additional income.


The educator within this project, Bozica Milosevic, points out that all the trainees had a huge motivation to learn the felting technique, which is crucial for the production of these items. The special charm of these trainings is the socializing and communication that these women accomplish during the training, which is very important in a rural environment.

Now, after the training in the villages Brestovac and Slatina, the preparations for the third phase of the project are following, which is the training of interested women in the village of Metovnica for the production of traditional handicrafts, by the weaving technique.


Rukotvorine Slatina/Handicrafts Slatina from Rakita on Vimeo.