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What is geologist doing, what is geology, and what the exploration implies – these where just some of the questions that students of primary schools were trying to answer as part of a mini-quiz that took place at Rakita’s stand during the 6th Festival “Timok’s Scientific Tornado”, which was held at local primary school “3rd October”.

Our policy is to stand by the science, whether it means supporting a major scientific conference or when to support students – researchers.

This year, Rakita organized a quiz for curious young researchers and science-lovers. The quiz, which took place at Rakita’s stand, attracted several hundreds of interested children.

Students who gave the correct answer, which was not too difficult to do since there were options A, B and C to choose among, were awarded gifts with the logo of our company.

„Timok’s Scientific Tornado“ is regularly held as part of the Ecology Days of Bor in reference to the International Day of Science.

This year, at the scientific event, there were 500 pre-schoolers, pupils of elementary and secondary schools, as well as professors and students from the Technical Faculty in Bor. More than 300 of various scientific experiments were conducted, with the participation of 33 institutions. The stands were visited by about 3.000 individuals of all ages.

In addition to its active participation, our company provided financial support for this scientific event. The realization of the festival was also supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as the Center for the Promotion of Science in Serbia.

Timok’s Scientific Tornado 2017 from Rakita on Vimeo.