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Successful cooperation between our company and the General Hospital in Bor has been continued through a donation in the form of slings, which will be used for surgeries at the Urology Department.

This type of medical equipment will be of great benefit to women who suffer from uncontrolled release of urine. After the implantation of these slings, they will be able to normally perform urological functions. The donation is all the more important because patients with this problem have so far had to travel outside Bor to undergo surgery, but as of now, this kind of surgery will be performed routinely at the Urology Department in Bor too.

These slings haven’t so far been refunded by the Republic Health Insurance Fund, which means that each patient who underwent this kind of surgery had to pay the material on their own.

“We are very happy to have received this donation, because we are now able to use this surgical method again after as long as ten years. This equipment will help as many as 10 female patients to solve their problem, but will also help us, doctors, to master the technique we will use in the future with an understanding from the Republic Health Insurance Fund”, urologist Dr Vidoje Radosavljevic said.

He did not forget to emphasize long-standing cooperation between the Hospital in Bor and Rakita, which has many times positively responded to requests for help.

Aleksandar Vulovic, Permitting and CSR Manager at Rakita, underlines that this donation is an example of a continuing tradition and practice in this region, where mining companies have regularly invested in common good of local people.

“I was especially glad to learn that this very hospital had been built in 1933 and financed by profits from the French Association of Bor Mines, exactly as an act of contribution to the local community. This is just one more sign that the opening of a mining project at the same time represents the opening of new opportunities for people in the mining region”, Vulovic said.

The value of this donation is USD 4,000.

Rakita Donation to the Department of Urology at the General Hospital in Bor from Rakita on Vimeo.