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Company Rakita has decided to raise the bonus by 40% on the price for the purchase of land parcels which are being bought in order to create proper conditions for the opening of a mine on Cukaru Peki deposit near Bor. The purpose of this decision is primarily to accelerate the process of land purchase for the realization of project activities, and to maintain good and harmonious cooperation with the local community as well.

“Based on feedback from the local community, the management of Rakita has decided to raise the bonus on the price for the purchase of land parcels from 60% to 100%. In addition, each landowner will be paid an extra RSD 50,000 for each parcel they sell, regardless of the size of the parcel. This decision pertains both to those who will eventually decide to sell their land to Rakita and to all those who have already signed a purchase agreement for the land”, said Aleksandar Vulovic, Permitting and CSR Manager at Rakita.

Rakita has so far been paying a bonus of 60% of the estimated land value, and following this decision, the bonus is now raised to 100% of the estimated land value. This 40% increase pertains exclusively to land purchase (not the purchase of objects, forests, crops etc.). All former landowners will be retroactively paid the difference in the bonus, and they will also be given the extra RSD 50,000 per parcel.

In the vicinity of three potentially vulnerable communities – Brestovac, Slatina, and Metovnica – Rakita has so far bought about 300 hectares of land for the purpose of opening the mine, and it is estimated that a little more than 1,000 hectares need to be purchased.