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The “Handicrafts” Project, supported by our company in 2017 through a series of trainings with the aim of employing women in rural areas, was completed on Thursday, December 14. Certificates were awarded to 24 trainees from Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica.

As part of the ceremony organized thereupon, an exhibition of handicrafts made using the techniques of embroidery, gold thread embroidery, felting and weaving was staged. On that occasion, the representatives of rural local communities who supported the project and helped its realization were handed appropriate acollades.

Bozica Milosevic, the Educator in the “Handicrafts” Project from certified and professional organization “Arhaik”, could not suppress her satisfaction with what was accomplished through the workshops.

“I feel very pleased after months of working with women who demonstrated an exceptional interest in handicrafts. They have successfully mastered the skills that will help them make the articles themselves and independently enter the market, selling their handicrafts online”.

Marija Pesic spoke on behalf of the “Association for the Development of Municipality of Bor”, the organization that carried out the project, about the importance of this kind of education. She stressed that women’s prospects of getting a job are additionally limited in times of transition, especially if those women come from rural areas.

“The Handicrafts Project has a positive effect not only on the creation of equal chances for women and men, but also on society in general through the advance of the socio-economic ambient and economic development at the local level. For that reason, I am very happy that the company “Rakita” recognized the importance of the project and wholeheartedly helped its realization from beginning to end”.

Jasmina Radulovic from Slatina expressed gratitude on behalf of the trainees to all who participated in the “Handicrafts” Project.

“This project gave us an opportunity to return to the past for a moment and learn something new about the way our grandmothers had been making handicrafts, which in the meantime has been almost consigned to oblivion. What awaits us now is the other part of the project in which we are going to make the articles that will be sold online so that we could earn some money”.

Our company has contributed USD 8,000 to the realization of the “Handicrafts” Project.

Handicrafts – trainings & exhibition from Rakita on Vimeo.