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Her Excellency, Canada’s Ambassador to Serbia, Kati Csaba, as well as representatives of the Canadian-Serbian Business Association (CANSEE), visited our company on February 5, 2018, and got acquainted with the details regarding the realization of the geological exploration project called the Timok Project at Cukaru Peki deposit.

Visiting the geological drill hole and certain Rakita’s project locations, Her Excellency, Canada’s Ambassador Kati Csaba, said she was glad she had the opportunity to see for herself what potential this ore deposit had, and that it would be of great importance both to the local community and Serbia.

“The finding of this deposit has definitely confirmed that the east of Serbia lies on significant mineral raw materials which makes a potential worth investing in. The Canadian company Nevsun saw this as well, and through its daughter company (Rakita), has undeniably been implementing the plans successfully. I expect the upcoming phase of realization to commence by starting the development of the exploration decline, as well as other accompanying mining and geological capacities, thus making arrangements for the mine to become operative according to a proposed plan”, Her Excellency, Canada’s Ambassador to Serbia, Kati Csaba emphasized on visiting our company.

The company’s vice president and the Timok Project director Jerzy Orzechowski, said that he was pleased to welcome the newly appointed Canada’s Ambassador to Serbia, Her Excellency Kati Csaba, and that he was pleased to acquaint her with the degree of project realization.

“This project is a confirmation of a successful cooperation between Canada and Serbia and we expect a high level of realization in the upcoming period. We are pleased that Her Excellency, Ambassador of Canada, Kati Csaba, visited Rakita and became aware of the potential of this ore deposit. With Canadian capital, the support of the line ministry and the Government of Serbia, as well as the knowledge of local and international experts, the mine in this region can become operative according to plan.“ – said Jerzy Orzechowski, the Timok Project frontman.

Except from Her Excellency, Canada’s Ambassador to Serbia, Kati Csaba, others visited Rakita, such as Managing Director of the Canadian-Serbian Business Association (CANSEE), Mirjana Doncic Beaton, the Association’s Chairman of the Management Board Aleksandar Obrenovic, and Djurdja Ceramilac, Director of the Economic Relations Department of the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade.