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In February this year, Rakita organized financial management training. The training was intended for the owners of parcels that they had previously sold or intend to sell to Rakita by signing a purchase agreement, the goal being of getting to know the possibilities of financial investments offered by banks, insurance companies, investment funds, and other financial institutions that operate in Serbia.

Training participants were acquainted with the safest savings methods, as well as the ways of investing their financial resources in order to make the best possible decisions in accordance with their needs and possibilities.

The training was held by representatives of the Internet portal “”. This Internet portal is an independent financial advisor having excellent connections with relevant actors in the banking, insurance and investment sector, in order to compare and highlight the safest financial services on the market.

The financial investment training covered the following topics:

  1. Basic financial education;
  2. Methods of money control:
  3. Education on investment opportunities with acceptable risk, through:
  • Banks
  • Investment funds
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Insurance
  • Entrepreneurial activities

The training was free-of-charge for all participants, and the costs were covered by our company. Rakita strives to maintain coherent and good relations with the local community, and, as such, plans to provide the necessary support in the upcoming period to individuals and groups affected by the project.

If you are an ex-owner of land, or you have land that Rakita is interested in and want to attend the financial investment training, visit Rakita Info Center in Bor, at Mose Pijade street 46/6, and fill in the application form. You will also be informed about the date of the next training that will be held when enough candidates apply.