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Bearing in mind that the activities in the field of geological and mining exploration are performed mainly on the field, it is unnecessary to mention the risks that are present during heavy vehicles operation across difficult and dangerous terrain. Meteorological conditions sometimes make it almost impossible for the trucks to operate, but it is precisely at those moments that the acquired knowledge, experience and intuition for overcoming the situation come to light.

Every Rakita employee operating both freight and passenger vehicles, acquires the knowledge in our company during specially organized safety trainings. The theoretical training instructor is Svetlana Stanic, Health and Safety Manager at Rakita.

“Almost all colleagues undoubtedly have a huge experience in managing freight and passenger vehicles, but we consider that these monthly trainings put all of this to an even higher level. I particularly refer to creating that intuitive feeling necessary when the driver needs to estimate what to do in a fraction of a second. Because, unless the right thing is done, everything can eventually become much worse than it initially seemed. Therefore, we have adopted a practice to remind drivers of everything that they already know, but also to periodically educate them by providing them with new knowledge and theory.”

“We paid special attention to using all-wheel drive vehicles. We have provided training in the usage of all-wheel drive vehicles – the situations and the ways this option should be applied, and when it is necessary to avoid it. We have also greatly improved mutual communication in cases when someone needs help. All of this greatly affects the personal sense of safety at work, although to a large extent, security and safety depends on employees themselves” – concluded Svetlana Stanic, Health and Safety Manager at Rakita.