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When a company whose activity is characterized as risky, such as geological exploration and mining, reaches 380 workdays without any injuries, experts in this field immediately conclude that, first of all, awareness of employees is at a very high level, that the competent security and protection services have performed well, and that the employer allocates significant resources for the safety and protection of his employees. When these three elements come together, you get the perfect recipe for safe work.

It is precisely this recipe that Rakita used and reached 380 zero-injury workdays.

“Although I joined the Rakita team a few months ago, I succeeded in meeting the high security criteria applied in our company, so I had no difficulty in continuing to maintain it, and I’m sure we have raised it to an even higher level”- says Svetlana Stanic, Health and Safety Manager at Rakita.

At Rakita, the rule of zero alcohol and drugs tolerance applies.

“In implementing this request, we have a colleague appointed at the entrance gate performing checks every morning for the presence of alcohol in employees. I can express my approval of the colleagues for being utterly responsible and that it we have not had a single situation of someone arriving to work under the influence of alcohol. This speaks of the high awareness of employees, which is very important in this field” – adds Svetlana Stanic.

All safety aspects in Rakita are applied during the 24-hour period, in each department and each facility. Protective equipment is mandatory in all workplaces that require it; the rule particularly applies to every subcontracting company who is required to abide by these principles in the implementation of its activities.