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Association “Bor’s Paws” and our company have established cooperation over the past period in order to reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets of Bor. For now, this cooperation has resulted in launching the association website

If it is known that a female dog can annually whelp up to nine dogs, it is clear that we are facing a huge animal population. The number of animal lovers’ associations is increasing every day, however, it is clear that these organizations cannot survive without donors, and above all, without volunteers who love animals and who have received this type of education.

According to the latest local population surveys, one of the biggest problems in Bor Municipality are precisely the stray dogs.

It is important to note that “Bor’s Paws” work very well with the local self-government, and are both struggling to solve this problem in joint cooperation. Rakita wants to help out here by applying all international standards when well-being is concerned, all for the sake of better living conditions for citizens. 

One of the most experienced in this area in Bor is Marija Samardzic from the Association “Bor’s Paws”.

“I am pleased that the company Rakita helped us launch a website dedicated to solving the issue of stray dogs in Bor. This is very important because this way we can cover several segments of our work. First of all, it is much easier for us to provide dog adopters; second to that, the education of people is very important to us, so the website will enable us to make all important information about dogs available. When I say this, I am primarily referring to the owners who keep dogs in their homes. All owners are provided with a free-of-charge dog sterilization program, but I have to point out that recently fewer and fewer owners have shown their interest in this action, although it is free” – adds Marija Samardzic.

According to the data, over 800 owned and stray dogs were sterilized in the Municipality of Bor in the past year.

“I would like to invite all dog owners who are interested in sterilizing their pets to contact us. Now they do this through our website and get all relevant information”- emphasizes Marija.

A confirmation of her many years of experience in the protection of dogs has recently become obvious within a special education program that Marija completed in London at “Dogs Trust” which is one of the most competent world companies in this field. Connecting smaller organizations with large and reputable organizations is of crucial importance, first of all, because of capacity building. Company Rakita helped the Association “Bor’s Paws” to make contact with this British Foundation.

“This education program has helped me a great deal and I’ve really learned a lot. What I certainly knew, and where I now feel even more confident, is that the problem of stray dogs cannot be solved overnight, and that the role of non-governmental organizations such as ours is very important in resolving the issue. On the other hand, associations like ours cannot survive without a donor.” – concluded Marija Samardzic, from the Association “Bor’s Paws”.

All these activities are part of reaching a systematic solution to the problem of stray dogs. The focus, of course, is on the welfare of the citizens of Bor, and the conclusion is that Rakita, at this stage, is helping strengthen the capacity of the non-governmental sector whose role is crucial in the work such as this.