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In the past year, our company implemented the Handicrafts project, which involved engaging 25 unemployed women from the villages of Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica.

The project was set up as a training program for the production of traditional handicrafts including techniques of embroidery, felting and weaving. After the training was completed, the company “Connect Media” from Bor was selected to start working on the online sale of these articles that women were producing. Marija Mitrovic and Ivana Jenic Komljenovic are at the head of this company as well as online sales.

“The articles can be viewed at We are really pleased that we have become part of a great project that had started well before we joined. I know that the focus of the project was the training of women from rural areas and this was not easy to implement. It took patience, knowledge, resources, favorable conditions and great will to learn all this. When the trainees mastered the techniques of making these handicrafts, magic happened. The magical articles emerged and they are now on our website. When you look at all these things, you simply cannot but imagine yourself wearing one of these garments, or using the beautiful products“ – says Marija Mitrovic.



Her colleague, Ivana Jenic Komljenovic, is also extremely enthusiastic when it comes to all this work.

“We have good cooperation with colleagues who produce the articles. People often buy felted necklaces, so we usually order additional duplicates to be made. We have defined the prices, first and foremost, to the satisfaction of those who made the products, but, at the same time, so that we, as the ultimate sellers, receive certain profit”- adds Ivana.





In addition to women’s training for the production of traditional handicrafts, Rakita also financed the development of the website, as well as the first six months of Internet marketing.