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In an effort to mitigate the unemployment problem in Bor, the National Employment Service has been organising Job Fairs for a number of years now. Job Fairs provide an opportunity for employers and prospective employees to meet under one roof.

At this year’s Job Fair, Rakita will be providing job seekers with information about its current vacancies and collecting CVs from potential job candidates.

“For the second year in a row, our company is taking part in the Job Fair. I am convinced that this is a good way to establish communication with prospective employees. Those who want to find out who we are, what we do, what we strive for, can do it here. They can also get information about job vacancies – if there are any – and leave their CVs with us, for our database,” says Tatjana Jakovljević, Human Resources Manager at Rakita. This year, there is a vacancy for the position of Health and Safety Coordinator, she adds.

We try to make our job competitions as transparent as possible. We want to choose the best people for our company and we foster equal opportunities. Everyone visiting our booth at the Job Fair has been informed about our current vacancy and they can think about whether they are a good candidate for the job or not,” says Tatjana.

Given its plans for the Čukaru Peki project, Rakita has defined its future needs regarding personnel and compiled a list of professions based on which it is collecting CVs for its database.

Since Rakita is transiting from a geological to a mining company, our list of desirable fields of expertise includes mining, metallurgy and health and safety at work. We have collected some 200 CVs. I would like to point out that those interested in job vacancies must send a formal application in response to an advertisement. A CV handed in at the Fair, rather than sent in reply an advertisement, does not mean that you have automatically entered the competition. This is why I recommend checking our website regularly for new vacancies,” concludes Tatjana Jakovljević.