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To make sure that all human and environmental protection measures are taken in accordance with domestic and international standards, Rakita’s staff will undergo health and safety training. The aim is to provide staff with information on existing dangers and adversities and prepare both staff and contractors to carry out their tasks correctly and safely, without putting their health, safety and the environment in danger.

According to Svetlana Stanić, Rakita’s Health and Safety Manager, the staff must be familiar with the safety policy, tasks and responsibilities concerning compliance with health and safety standards and potential consequences of not adhering to the procedures, and they must know what the dangers and risks are concerning health and safety.

The staff are taught about potentially dangerous situations and how to react to them, key environmental aspects, and the actual and potential impact of our work on the environment. Depending on the course type, we have classroom teaching and on-the-job training,” says Svetlana Stanić.

Basic training is carried out in the company. Regular training is organised for Rakita’s new recruits and all third parties (trainees, secondary school and university students and contractors’ staff). When an employee is transferred to another job or new equipment is installed, additional training is provided.

“Regular on-the-job training, with the exception of theoretical training, also means that staff spend some time under the supervision of a line manager, who then verifies that the staff member has completed the training successfully, i.e. that they are able to perform their tasks independently,” says Svetlana Stanić.

Once in six months, there will be “revisions”.

“The aim is to remind the staff of the key safety rules, identified risks and measures to mitigate or eliminate them,” she explains.

Everyone who has undergone staff training gets a special mark on their company ID card, showing their level of knowledge and safety awareness.