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Luka Petrović, student of the final year of Dušan Radović Primary School in Bor, is the winner of the National Research Project Competition. He won the competition with his programming of the school’s mBot robot. mBot robots were donated to primary schools in Bor by Rakita.

The title of Luka’s project was “Robots in Schools”. He explored the impact of robots on IT education and whether this is an appropriate subject for primary school children.

“It turns out that students are quite interested in robot programming, much more than in standard programming. This is because they are active and moving all the time and they can immediately see the results of their work,” says Luka.

Luka’s award will motivate him to make further progress in IT – and not only him but also his peers, who have become more interested in robotics and attend extracurricular classes taught by Luka himself.

Luka’s robot uses a sensor to move along drawn lines, find the exit from a labyrinth and avoid obstacles.

Vladimir Knežević, IT teacher: The donation hit the nail on the head

According to Luka’s IT teacher, Vladimir Knežević, mBots have proved to be an excellent aid when teaching programming and robotics even to young children. Modern teaching methods insist on it too.

“Rakita’s donation is spot on. Students are much more interested in programming now than they used to be before the schools were donated the mBots,” says Knežević.