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Good cooperation between Rakita Exploration and Bor’s local government continued in late May with the exchange of information on the current stage of geological exploration at Čukaru Peki. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of local communities of Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica, the villages directly affected by the future copper mine.

The meeting focused on the impact of the works on the road infrastructure between the villages of Brestovac and Metovnica, and on environmental protection.

Rakita’s Communications and CSR Manager, Aleksandar Vulović, said that safety measures are already in place on the section of the road between Brestovac and Metovnica. They will ensure safe traffic in front of the school in Brestovac, which is on the truck route. Furthermore, branches along the edges of the road have been trimmed so that trucks do not have to drive along the middle of the road.

”We are making arrangements with the company Strabag and the public enterprise JP  ‘Putevi Srbije’ about the work that will follow our consultations with the local government of Brestovac,” said Vulović.

He did not hide his satisfaction with the cooperation with the local government.

“This is a chance to present our plans to Bor officials. We intend to be a good neighbour in the period to come,” he stressed.

According to Vulović, the plan is to do an environmental impact assessment. So far, the company has obtained positive opinions from the Environmental Protection Institute, the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and the Republic Water Directorate.

“Serbian legislation is quite challenging when it comes to this type of works. As a responsible company, we have implemented all the necessary measures and our every future step complies with these measures,” said Aleksandar Vulović. He also pointed out that Rakita was not only responsible to Serbia but also to international financial institutions and this is why the company complied with the best international practices and the highest environmental protection standards.

The President of Bor Municipality, Aleksandar Milikić, stressed that the local community needed every new job and every new investor it could get.

“Cooperation with the management of Rakita is excellent. We support the project and the mine because it is in the interest of all parties. At the same time, we have to talk to the people who will be directly affected by the Čukaru Peki project and see what they need. The dialogue has to be a realistic one and we need to have a clear understanding of what the villagers need. At the same time, we want Rakita to comply with the highest environmental standards,” said Milikić. He added that Rakita was a socially responsible company. In February, it helped clear the snow in Bor and neighbouring villages during the winter blizzards.