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Stanoje Miljković Primary School from Brestovac won Games Without Borders organised for the third year in a row by the Teachers’ Society Bor in cooperation with the local community of Metovnica.

Đura Jakšić Primary School from Zaječar came second while primary schools Branko Radičević and Dušan Radović from Bor shared third place. Primary schools 3. oktobar and Vuk Karadžić also participated in the games.

Six primary schools with a total of 120 participants, schoolchildren from the first to the fourth year, competed in the games.

The competition, which was held in the village of Metovnica, was sponsored by the local government, companies RTB Bor and Rakita Exploration, and the local community of Metovnica.

The winners received three balls from the Teachers’ Society Bor. All participants received Certificates of Excellence for their dedication.

After the games, the children visited the households of the Todorović and Živković families, where they learned about rural life. They were particularly impressed by an old mill.

Srećko Zdravković, a member of the Municipal Council, commended the competition on behalf of the local government.

Radmila Petković, President of the Teachers’ Society Bor, pointed out that the aim of these games was to boost sportsmanship and socialisation.

Dejan Marković, President of the Metovnica local community, took the opportunity to thank Rakita and other donors for their support on behalf of the participants and the villagers of Metovnica.