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As part of the construction of the exploration decline, blasting operations started on 13 June. The contractor is the construction company Strabag.

Blasting lasts three hours and is carried out once in three to five days. When in progress, surrounding roads and access to the site are temporarily closed. The Brestovac–Metovnica road is closed off for maximum 30 minutes, between 2 pm and 5 pm, and is marked with appropriate signalling and warning signs. The blasting phase will last two to three months. The method selected is the one that has the lowest noise impact on the surrounding settlements.

Rakita adheres to high safety standards and procedures concerning the local community, employees and contractors. All necessary measures have been taken to ensure that people and property are safe during the blasting: the boundaries of the sites that will be blasted are precisely defined and marked, people are evacuated to a safe distance from the blasting zone, appropriate location access control is ensured, the best safety equipment is used and, above all, efficient communication with all persons and organisations that may be affected by these activities is in place.

Anyone who happens to be near the blasting site is requested to adhere to the safety procedures and instructions provided by the authorised persons in the field.

For further information or complaints, please contact Rakita’s Info Center, Moše Pijade 46/6, Bor, tel.: +381 30/215-00-67, e-mail: