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Barriers stopping surface runoff are regarded as one of the best practices in mining and construction, and building them is one of Rakita’s priorities.

To prevent the construction material runoff, a protective soil embankment was built with a temporary canal that collects wastewater into temporary tanks or directs it through the openings on the embankment. Between the embankment and the road, there is a filtration barrier made from straw-bale and 300-gram geotextile. Geotextile is fastened to the ground with pegs. The geotextile on the surface reaches about 50 cm and under the surface about 25 cm. In this way, the great quantities of water caused by heavy rains are filtered to the circumferential canals within the road infrastructure, preventing suspended matter from reaching the road and jeopardising traffic safety or, in case of heavier rainfall, from polluting the nearby rivers (Kržanov Creek and the river Brestovačka).

With the aim of protecting the rivers, Rakita has taken steps to get approval from the public enterprise JP Putevi Srbije to (re)construct a network of circumferential embankments to reduce and prevent the uncontrollable flow of wastewater into the neighbouring rivers.