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Rakita Exploration and the “Borske šape” Citizens’ Association have signed an agreement whereby Rakita will provide a donation as support for a sterilization and castration project for stray dogs in Bor. This effort is expected to considerably reduce the number of stray dogs in a humane manner, and increase citizen safety.

Marija Samardžić from “Borske šape” expressed their gratitude to Rakita for recognizing the root of the issue and providing this donation for the benefit of all citizens of Bor.

The Communications Manager of Rakita, Darko Stojadinović, recalled that this is the second year in a row that Rakita chooses to help “Borske šape”,humanely and responsibly reduce the number of dogs without owners.
“The priorities of our company are strengthening long-term cooperation with the local self-government and civil society organizations, and joint activities for resolving the needs of citizens with the aim of benefiting the local community. This is precisely the context that this donation has been implemented in”, said Stojadinović.

“Borske šape” will use the donation to cover the costs of a veterinary station for sterilization and castration.

Branislav Ivanić, the director of the “Bor” veterinarian clinic said that he has been cooperating for years with “Borske šape”, and commended their volunteer efforts on solving this issue.

The Mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikić, noted that the city budget is allocating significant funds for the sterilization and castration of dogs, but that any donation is welcome for resolving this immense problem.
“The city budget allocates money every year for sterilizing 400 dogs, and the donation of Rakita is something that will, along with all measures we have undertaken, such as the construction of two dog asylums, provide for a decrease in the number of stray dogs in the streets of Bor”, said the Mayor of Bor.