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The story of a retired Bor miner who spent his working age underground with details of his everyday work is just one of the stories implemented through the projects “Millennials Write – The Role of Youth in the Development of Mining in Bor” can be read at the website

The project was implemented, with the financial support of Rakita, by students in the second grade of the Gymnasium in Bor for the youth information website “InForum”. The concept creator was the Association for the Development of the Municipality of Bor, and the goal was to contribute to marking the Day of Miners, traditionally celebrated every 6th of August.
The editorial team of InForum was comprised of three students of the second grade of the Bor Gymnasium; Lenka Begović, Teodora Atanasovski and Jelena Trajković. The team made a connection between the development of the mining industry today and in the past, and the role of youth through this period.
„The editorial team worked hard for a month and all its members were highly dedicated to this topic“, said Project Manager Marija Pešić . She commended the students on behalf of the Association for the Development of the Municipality of Bor.

Lenka Begović wrote about the history of mining in Bor and held an interview with a retired miner.
“The topic attracted me because very few of our peers from Bor know enough about the local history, but I was myself also insufficiently informed. That is why this was an opportunity to get to know this topic better and bring it closer to my peers“, said Lenka.
Teodora Atanasovski decided to interview a teacher from the Bor Technical School, Nataša Džaković. She wanted to know how interested youth are in mining and metallurgical and how this has changed through the years.
„We talked about the future of youth and employment opportunities after education. I was surprised, because I did not expect so many young people to be interested in the work of mining technicians“, says Teodora.
Their classmate, Jelena Trajković, led an interview with an anonymous respondent who compared the differences in society and employment opportunities in the past and now.

The conclusion was that society did not change much, but male children used to find jobs immediately after secondary school, whereas today, people are tending to complet e their studies first.
Because of the increasing number of foreigners coming to Bor, all texts have been translated into English.
The second phase of the project , which was also supported by Rakita , was completed in September. It consisted of education in the field of editing audio, video and photo content and public speaking.