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During the development of the the Čukaru Peki Project, Rakita representatives, in cooperation with the Mayor of Bor, held town hall meetings with residents of Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica in mid-August.

Representatives of Rakita used these opportunities to update communities on the progress of the works on the exploration decline, and to answer questions with the residents and representatives of local self-government. These open forums allowed for freeflowing dialogue and communication, the residents of the communities. In Metovnica, residents were particularly interested in the field of environmental protection, and in Slatina, most questions were based on the process of land purchase.
The Mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikić, speaking with TV Bor after the meeting in Metovnica, said that the Čukaru Peki project is of general interest for the Republic of Serbia, as well as the city of Bor, for several reasons.

„The first reason is economical, because the budget of the City of Bor will be increased several times, and the number of jobs will increase, and second, but most importantly is environmental protection. As a city, in addition to a good approach, we must consider and connect economy and ecology, and define the scope of impact of this project on these three local communities”, elaborated Mayor Aleksandar Milikić in his statement for TV Bor.

The Director of Rakita, Jerzy Orzechowski, stated his satisfaction with the progress of works on the site of the exploration decline and expressed his expectation that the activities on the Čukaru Peki project will unfold in accordance with the planned schedule, in parallel with strengthening cooperation with competent ministries and the local self-government as important partners in this large endeavour.

“I wish to express my gratitude for the support provided to date to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Mining and Energy and Ministry of Construction, and particularly to the Mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikić and his associates. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet the residents of the villages Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica and to have had the opportunity to respond to their questions. We seek open and constructive cooperation to ensure long-term positive and sustainable effects on the local community of Bor and the neighbouring villages, because that is the only way this important project will develop with success”, said Orzechowski.

Orzechowski emphasized that Rakita will contribute to community development through the creation of employment opportunities and support to projects for the training and requalification of the local population, and the development of entrepreneurship. The company is carefully monitoring each step at the construction site, and the works are under way according to plan and the permit for works on the exploration decline.
“Rakita is undertaking all necessary measures regarding safety and environmental protection, and I wish to note that we comply with high safety standards and procedures, both for our staff, as well as contractors, partners and the local population. I believe we will continue to develop the project in the spirit of cooperation and improving partner relations, to our mutual satisfaction“, noted Jerzy Orzechowski regarding the meetings held with the residents of the villages Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica.