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The “15th International Youth Work Exploration Camp” (Moriek 2018) titlde “Youth are the Law” was held in August on Stol mountain near Bor. The camp, financially supported by Rakita , had an environmental focus, with the participation of ten volunteers from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, and Serbia. The volunteers worked on cleaning and developing the land near the mountain lodge and lake on Stol, and marking European hiking paths. The leader of MORIEK, Miloš Lukić, said that work has been done on a surface area of 27,000 m2 and that, among other things, the paths on the mountains Deli Jovan, Veliki and Mali Krš, as well as Mali Stol have been marked.
„This work was completed through fun, hanging out and games, and it was a pleasure for us to work without too much pressure“, said Lukić.
He noted that for many campers this was their first visit to Serbia and that they are very happy with the hospitality of their hosts and support from the local community.
The organizers of this camp, with support from Rakita, were the Society of Young Explorers Bor, the Society of Young Explorers of Serbia and the Mountaineering-Skiing Association “Crni Vrh” from Bor.