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As part of the fifth annual beekeeping exhibition held in Slatina in late August, Mladen Krstić, a lecturer from the Association of Beekeepers of Serbia, held a professional training presentation for beekeepers working in this lucrative field.

The topic of the professional lecture was related to the production of queens and the development of the bee community.
The importance of this initiative is best illu-strated by the fact that the mandate of this association includes education, and Rakita’s generous donation assisted with this effort and provided an important educational opportunity for locals.

„Education is very important for us, because we are all young beekeepers considering the time we have spent working. This is why we are very happy to find support from Rakita. Last year they donated funds to improve bee pasturage and for education, and this year for education and honey-producing trees“, says Nebojša Buzej, President of the Beekeepers Association “Slatina”.

The association of beekeepers in Slatina is comprised of about 100 beekeepers.