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Apart from education, primary school students received a set of reflective accessories that contribute to visibility and increase traffic safety. Lectures for students of higher grades will follow, as well as for students in Slatina. The initiative will include 172 students of primary schools.

On the occasion of the start of the new school year, company Rakita Exploration initiated a lecture on traffic safety which was held for students of lower grades of primary schools in the villages of Brestovac and Metovnica. This initiative also came out due to the presence of an increased number of passenger and freight vehicles, as well as working machines in these villages, which are working on the construction of the exploration decline.

Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rules of traffic behaviour, and the company Rakita donated each student a safety set of reflective accessories that includes a fluorescent bag featuring a vest, two bracelets, a key chain and three stickers.

Rakita is committed to developing successful and transparent cooperation with the local community and strives to achieve a positive long-term sustainable impact in the local community in which it operates through open dialogue and support to local projects. During the works on the construction of the exploration decline, Rakita undertakes all necessary measures for the protection of people and the environment in accordance with the international and Serbian standards.

Aleksandar Vlahović, director of the primary school “Stanoje Miljković” in Brestovac, thanked the company Rakita and expressed the hope that the lectures will become a tradition, because the renewal of knowledge in the field of traffic safety is always necessary.

„Considering that the safety of children is in the first place, of course the school fully supported such initiative that came from the company Rakita. Safety of students in traffic is essential for schools in these villages because the facilities are located right next to traffic roads. That’s why this lecture is more useful and we believe that students will realize that they, as pedestrians, are equal participants in the traffic and that therefore they also have certain obligations and responsibilities”, sated Aleksandar Vlahović.

Today, 65 students of lower grades from Brestovac and Metovnica attended the lecture, while 67 higher grades students of these two villages, as well as 40 students from Slatina will have the opportunity to hear the experts’ advice in the coming days, so this initiative will include in total 172 students of primary schools.