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In order to help the education and facilitate mastering of curriculum for high school students through new technologies, Rakita participates in the “Virtual Practices in High Vocational Education” Project led by Belgrade Open School, University of Padua (Italy), Interproject (Bulgaria) and Technical School from Užice.

In order to make the project as efficient as possible, the Technical School from Bor selected Rakita as a partner from the economy, and one of the mentors to high students will be Bojan Milenković, a geologist in Rakita.

He explains that “Virtual Practice” is an online platform where parts of the curriculum in the field of practical teaching will be realized.

As a mentor, in cooperation with teachers, Milenković will form teaching materials for lessons in the field of geological exploration, exploration drilling, sampling, geological compass, etc., and the cooperation between the Technical School and Rakita will refer to educational profiles: Mining Technician and Geological Technician for research of mineral resources. 

About the significance of this project, a pedagogue in the Technical School, Nataša Džaković, says:

This project provides an exceptional opportunity to realize all outcomes related to practical teaching, because in that part of the curriculum there is a lot of difficulty due to the inaccessibility of some content, the lack of funds in school laboratories, the distance of companies that could receive students, etc.,” says Džaković.

She also emphasizes that this will also make it easier for parents to invest in education, because everything will be completely free. Another, very significant benefit of such projects is the improvement of IT skills of students and teachers and preparation for e-learning, which is increasingly applied at higher levels of education.