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When a company working on geological exploration and the construction of an exploration decline achieves a continuous 586 day period without a single workplace injury, we can safely conclude that the level of workplace safety and protection is very high.

This data point is a source of pride not only for the competent people in the Rakita Health and Safety Department, but for all our employees, and the companies implementing subcontracting works.

The drilling of geological drill holes, works on construction of the exploration decline, and the use of machinery to cut cores from the drill holes carry the highest risk of injury at Rakita, thus these area of our business operations were given high priority with regards to training and mandatory protection. However, staff in other departments are no less vulnerable. Injuries and incidents do not choose a time and place, thus the watchful eye of the Health and Safety Manager is ever present.

“I am happy with the fact that we have not had a workplace injury for 586 continuous days, but I do not want this to become a piece of data that will make us rejoice, but a standard and something normal. I believe it is possible to continue in this manner. I always note the subjective contribution of every employee regarding safety and I can truly commend all workers, both from Rakita and the subcontracting companies, that they handle their own safety and that of their colleagues in a very conscientious manner. This is what’s most important and that is why we are successful in this field”, notes Svetlana Stanić, Health and Safety Manager at Rakita, adding that injuries are always possible, but that preventive work, thinking about danger and adequate risk assessment are key segments of safety.

“Of course there are areas where we can improve things, and conditions and behaviours that we can improve and correct, but on a scale of one to five, I’d give us a strong five! And there aren’t many such examples in Serbia! Particularly since an advantage is given to core activities and investments, primarily in people, their competencies, and not in typical statements and posters. For example, every morning at the exploration decline site we hold a meeting dedicated to safety, stating the situation from the previous day, potential hazards, and the work plan for that day”, adds Stanić, noting that Rakita is proving, through its daily practice, that it is undertaking all measures necessary to protect people and the environment, in accordance with the principles of environmental and social protection in force in Serbia and in accordance with the standards of the International Financial Corporation (IFC).