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Taking into account the complexity of the land acquisition process for the needs of the Čukaru Peki Project, Rakita has updated the content of the Framework that outlines the entire process.

The „Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework“ (LARF) is the document that supports Rakita’s land acquisiton activities and it was necessary to provide the public with updates based on the evolution of these activities, including updates to land access, compensation, and resettlement activities.

This document represents the continued alignment of the Project with the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 5. The goal of the updated Framework is to provide a consolidation of program changes since the original LARF was produced in line with Rakita’s commitment to continued open and transparent communications with local stakeholders. The updated Framework will continue to support our efforts to reach mutually beneficial agreements with property owners and assist in maintaining the positive relationships that have been established in the Project area“, Chris Lupaschuk, Senior Land Acquisiton Manager in Rakita, pointed out.

The updated Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework is available on the link , as well as at the Info Center. Additionally, community leaders in Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica have specifically been informed of the updated Framework.