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Bearing in mind the importance of presenting science to young people in an interesting and creative way, Rakita, like in the previous year, helped the realization of the “Timočki naučni tornado” Festival, which was held for the seventh time in Bor.

This year, in elementary school “3. Oktobar”, the event was attended by 650 participants, among whom there were mostly students of elementary schools, which proves that this event has been recognized as an important segment of modern education.

This year’s slogan of the festival reads “Scientific boom hits the mind” and presents interesting trips and experiments of 35 institutions, including Rakita.

At its stand, Rakita presented the children with a closer look at geology, and rewarded children’s knowledge of this science with hundreds of pencil cases with a pen, which can be planted after use, after which a plant will grow out of the ground. The young ones did not hide their satisfaction with this unusual award aimed at promoting ecology.

In Rakita, they emphasize the regional significance of this traditional festival and welcome the organizer’s initiative to bring science closer to young people in an extremely creative and interesting way. Rakita, as a socially responsible company, decided to support the “tornado” both financially and with its participation. The number of institutions and participants is growing at this festival year by year, which in itself shows that young people are interested in further education, and that such events and access to science are much needed.

Rakita is committed to developing successful and transparent cooperation with the local community and strives to achieve a positive long-term sustainable impact in the local community in which it operates through open dialogue and support to local projects.

This festival is intended primarily for children, but also for teachers and professors.