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Company Rakita Exploration has become a member of the Responsible Business Forum. This decision was made after the approval of all members of the Forum, including Telenor, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Bambi, B92, Banca Intesa, VIP Mobile, Unicredit and others.

Responsible Business Forum is a network of leading companies in Serbia that contribute to community development, encouraging the development of socially responsible business and the establishment of permanent and stable socially responsible practices in the business sector.

The Forum represents a platform that links business leaders with representatives of other parts of society, encouraging inter-sectoral dialogue, cooperation and exchange of good experiences. The association currently has 28 companies as members.

CSR Coordinator in Rakita, Ksenija Nečemer, pointed out that the mission of the Forum is in line with the company’s strategy within the contribution to local communities and that this is an excellent connection of knowledge, experience and energy.

„Speaking of responsible business, the company is focused on long-term sustainable job creation projects, education, raising awareness on environmental protection, as well as philanthropy and support to local projects. The membership of our company in the Forum is proof that others have recognized the results of Rakita in the field of socially responsible business and have shown us reliance. This is definitely a step further in terms of responsibility toward the community and an incentive to keep up this way“, Ksenija Nečemer said.

She especially singled out the initiative “Cleaner Rivers – Healthier Villages” which has been implemented by Rakita since 2014, and has gathered more than 400 volunteers so far, with the participation of Rakita’s employees, residents from surrounding villages, civil society organizations, as well as representatives of private local companies.

Responsible Business Forum was founded in 2008 at the initiative of the 14 leading companies in Serbia that recognized the need for active and responsible engagement of businesses in the society.