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priznanje foruma za odgovorno poslovanje

Rakita received the award of the Responsible Business Forum for achievements in contributing to the local community, and it was presented during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Forum, which gathers more than 30 socially responsible companies, among which are Telenor, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Bambi, B92, Banca Intesa, VIP Mobile, Unicredit and others.

State Secretary Bojan Stević from the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, ambassadors of Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and other respected members of the business community attended the ceremony.

The company is pleased that, in addition to being a member of the Responsible Business Forum, it has received an award which shows that good practice, dedication and results of the contribution to the local community are recognized and appreciated.

Rakita’s strategy of contribution to the local community is based on long-term sustainable projects for creating new jobs, education, raising awareness about environmental protection, as well as philanthropy and support to projects of local civil society organizations.