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Parents and teachers from Slatina will no longer worry for the safety of children while they are engaged in sports activities at a small stadium near a road in the center of this village.

With the donation worth 2.6 million dinars, Rakita, on the basis of the initiative of the Local Community of Slatina and primary school “Vuk Karadžić”, and through parent association “Bebironče”, donated funds for setting up a quality fence around the school playground.

Apart from the fact that physical education classes in Slatina will be better, the playground will be available to all those who practice small sports.

I am very pleased that Rakita has recognized some of the priorities of our village school and has provided the installation of a fence around the sports field. We are satisfied from a number of reasons, because it is a place where children spend a considerable part of their time, and at the same time it is unsafe. Teachers, among other things, were scared of the ball rolling to the road where heavy trucks drive along. On the other hand, glass surfaces on the school will no longer be in danger of a lost ball, Director of primary school “Vuk KaradžićIvana Pajkić, expresses her satisfaction.

Damjan Stanojević, President of the Council of the Local Community of Slatina, said that not only children from the school, but also the older generations would use the safe playground.

We were waiting for the realization of this project for more than two decades, which makes it even more significant” said Stanojević and praised the cooperation of Rakita with that local community.