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Rakita company, which operates within the Chinese mining corporation Zijin, has provided free Wi-Fi signal in the centers of the villages Metovnica, Brestovac and Slatina.

It is actually buying and installing professional equipment that covers the area of Culture Houses in all three villages, and the free Wi-Fi zone is intended for all residents.

The donation was realized through the Community Assistance Program in three villages, because today it is difficult to do anything without the Internet, and therefore the benefit of this donation is great.

The free Wi-Fi zone is intended for more than 4,500 residents of these three rural local communities, and with the speed of 50 megabits per second, it allows users a satisfactory reception.

The benefits of this donation are pointed out by the heads of the local communities, but also by the residents of the villages.

“Free Wi-Fi will mean a lot to both the elderly and the young people in Metovnica, because in some parts of the village there is no Internet signal. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi zone, many Metovnica residents will get in touch much easier with relatives who live and work abroad and have free communication with the world or will use e-mail”, said Dejan Markovic, Council President of Metovnica Rural Local Community.

Council President of Brestovac Rural Local Community, Vlastimir Cosic, expressed the satisfaction with this donation of the company.

„The free Wi-Fi zone in our village will be very useful for the young and I do not doubt that many will gather in front of the Culture House. Of course, the older people who often pass through here will also benefit. As far as I’m informed, the Wi-Fi speed is high, so communication will be of quality. Anyway, we would like to thank Rakita for this donation”, concluded Cosic.

Boban Milojkovic, a member of the Council of Slatina Rural Local Community, also expressed gratitude for the donation.

„We really have good cooperation with Rakita. Recently, students and young people in the village got a fence around the school playground, with the help of Rakita. Right now, a park in the center of Slatina is being arranged, so the free Wi-Fi zone will exactly be the addition which will provide to residents of the village, both the elderly and young, a place where they could hang out. I believe that the good cooperation with Rakita will continue in the upcoming period”, Milojkovic pointed out.

One of the benefits of installing free Wi-Fi zones in these three villages is faster communication of the residents with Rakita, or much easier and quicker access to the company’s website. In this way, the local residents will have better insight into open job positions, current data on the construction of the exploration decline and other.