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Students of the Technical Faculty in Bor, within the professional practice, visit together with teachers and associates the facilities where mining works are carried out. They have recently visited the construction site of the Cukaru Peki exploration decline.

“The goal of the professional practice is to better familiarize students with the phases of technological processes in the mine production and in the exploitation of mineral raw materials deposits, both by surface and underground methods”, explained Jelena Ivaz, Assistant of the Department of underground exploitation of mineral raw materials deposits at the Technical Faculty in Bor.

During this visit, the students were introduced to the technological phases of making sloped mine rooms.

In the mines that the students had visited so far, they could not see the mines of such a large cross-section, which was especially interesting to them. Apart from technology, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of machines that are being used on this site”, said Jelena Ivaz.

How much this visit means to students, they said it best themselves. Milivoje Zlatic, the third-year student, said that the practice was very well organized.

We were introduced to the current situation at the site, as well as plans for the future. The work of each machine has been explained in detail. I would particularly like to highlight the maximum concern for the safety of workers, but also for the preservation of the environment“, said Zlatic.

His colleague Bozica Milenkovic knows that very few miners achieve in their careers to see, and even participate in the opening of a mine.

„With this visit we were able to get an impression of what it means to be a true miner and how much knowledge, skill and time it takes to reach a certain goal and be proud of it. The employees there are very professional in their work, both for people operating the machines and for engineers who have ‘fed’ us with new information and have shown us how everything that we learn at the faculty looks like in practice“, Bozica Milenkovic was pleased.

Student Srecko Paunovic was also satisfied with the practice.

It is a great honor and pleasure to attend the opening of a new mine. It is nice to see the arranged space in the drive area, new and modern machines in operation, but also an unusual way of transportation and loading for us students”, he said.

Students expressed hope that the cooperation between Rakita and the Technical Faculty in Bor will continue in the future, as their visit to “Cukaru Peki” will bring significant experience when they complete the mining studies.