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Unemployed women from Bor and surrounding villages, 24 of them, completed free training for writing business plan funded by Rakita, which operates within the Chinese mining corporation Zijin, as part of support to the local community through civil society organizations.

Training participants have been on the list of the National Employment Service for over a year, and did not use the benefits offered by this institution.

The certificates they received will enable them to apply for subventions for starting their own business, both through the competition of the National Employment Service as well as other funds.

The goal of the project titled “The Way to an Independent Business Starts by Planning” is to reduce the unemployment of the female population through the skills of creating a business plan, because without good planning there are no good results. Support for future entrepreneurs is extremely important, especially for an environment characterized by a mono-structural economy. I am pleased that Zijin and Rakita recognized the significance of this project”, said Marija Pesic, President of the Community Development Association, the organization which implemented this project.

Gordana Sarakovic from Metovnica is an environmental engineer and she has been on the list of the National Employment Service for five years. After having completed the training, she says she intends to start a family business – the production of various dairy products from the Sarakovic family farm.

It’s not excluded that we start fruit processing, because we have large quince plants“, added Gordana.

Jelena Markovic from Bor was one of the participants as well. She has been looking for a job through National Employment Service for eleven years, while at the same time, she was creating original straw paintings on all materials. Jelena realized that this hobby could be a profitable job, and the training was a motivation for her to get into business. That, she says, was a crucial moment.

It was just the same for Adrijana Stojkovic, who decided to open a catering service company.

That job was a pleasure for me, and now I want to make a living from it as well”, said Adrijana, who has been unemployed for many years, even though she has a college degree.

Participants who decide to start their own business will receive free one-year mentoring support from the Community Development Association for administrative and financial operations.