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In order to upgrade the theoretical knowledge in the field of geology, the students of the Technical School from Bor and the French school from Belgrade became Rakita’s regular visitors.

Rakita’s employees are gladly opening the doors of their offices at every initiative to have the professional teaching at the premises of the company and gain practical experience in the area they are trained for.

During this year’s visit, the expert team of Rakita geologists, in cooperation with professors, introduced the students with the basic elements of geology, presented them with the cores of sulphides and the cores of porphyry mineralization, presented methods of processing and methods of measurement, cutting, photographing, and storage, and provided information about the depth of geological drill holes. Geologists paid special attention to mapping exploration drill holes.

Considering that health and safety are the key basis for every job, the students were also introduced to the elements of this field by the representatives of Rakita Health & Safety Department.

In order to fulfill the visit, students were briefly presented with company’s history, as well as current information about the project of building the exploration decline.

Rakita has a long-standing cooperation with the Technical School from Bor and the French School from Belgrade, so each year a certain number of students get acquainted with the process of geological exploration, as well as the process of building a mining infrastructure.