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Rakita company, which operates within the Chinese mining corporation Zijin, has participated for the third time at the Job Fair in Bor, organized by Bor’s branch office of the National Employment Service.

Considering the upcoming activities of Rakita on the Cukaru Peki project, the interest of the unemployed was expected, as 5,000 of them are registered at the NES in Bor.

The unemployed people from Bor received useful information about future activities and applied their work biographies at Rakita’s stand.

Mining engineers, technology, health and safety, as well as many others who see their future in this company, have applied for jobs.

Sonja Stankovic, Director of the NES branch office in Bor, pointed out that crowds at the stands of Rakita and Zijin Bor Cooper are not a surprise, since “the whole city sees perspective in mining”.

At the fair, 33 companies offered 282 jobs.