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The famous business magazine Forbes published the list of Top 2000 World’s Largest Public Companies in 2019 on May 16th, at which Zijin Mining ranks 889th place, up 58 places more than last year. This company is ranked 10th among global non-ferrous metals companies, 1st in global gold companies and 1st in China’s non-ferrous metals companies.

Forbes’ list shows that Zijin, in the category of world non-ferrous metals companies is in the 10th position of a total of 33. At the same time, Zijin is among the top four global gold mining companies, followed by Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, and Canadian Gold.

In this categorization of the company, Forbes uses four indicators (sales, profit, assets and market value) and ranks the size of the company, and a list of the world’s best companies is made for the 17th time. The market value is calculated from the closing price of April 18, 2019. Among the top ten companies, there are five Chinese, four American, and one Dutch company.

In the past year, Zijin has shown structural growth and remained among the top three producers of gold, copper, zinc and other minerals in China. By developing mines in Congo, Serbia and Eritrea, the company is committed to building a high-tech and profitable international mining corporation that will provide high-quality mineral raw materials for both Chinese and global economic development.

(Source: Zijin Mining official website)