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Company Rakita took part in the celebration of World Environment Day, the International Day for Biological Diversity and the European Day of Parks by presenting the best authors of literary works and artworks about environment protection among students of elementary schools in Brestovac, Slatina and Metovnica with appropriate awards.

The best authors received these awards after a series of educative ecological workshops, lectures and quizzes about the importance of recycling, which were first held in Brestovac (with their peers from Metovnica present as well) and then also in Slatina, where they were presented with gifts by representatives of Rakita.

Dragan Ranđelović, President of the Association of Young Researchers of Bor, which was the organizer of the workshops, stressed the great importance of this event, which took place as part of the „Ecological Days of Bor 2019“.

„This kind of education means a lot to students, as the public is becoming increasingly concerned about environmental protection. What is very interesting to me is that children from village schools, even though they are constantly surrounded by nature, are very active in attending ecological schools“, said Ranđelović.