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Company representatives and Metovnica’s Local Community Council members further their mutual trust and cooperation

Harmonious cooperation of mining companies and local residents is possible, and this was proved by a meeting held today between the management of Rakita Exploration, the company which operates as a part of the Zijin Mining Group, and the members of Metovnica Local Community Council. Environmental protection, development support, and employment of the local population were the main topics that were discussed at this meeting.

As Dejan Marković, President of the Metovnica Local Community Council, has pointed out, the residents in this village have confidence in the company and that they do not doubt that cooperation will always be on the highest level. He added that, residents of this village are mainly engaged in cattle breeding and farming, and for this reason they are especially focused on a healthy and clean natural environment. Therefore, as he said, it is necessary to put right protective measures in place during the construction of the mine, as well as upon the beginning of exploitation. 

Rakita Deputy General Manager, Gan Yonggang, pointed out that environmental protection is the priority in the parent company Zijin, and that these same criteria are being and would be consistently applied in Rakita as well. Gan particularly stressed that a sound and solid cooperation with the local population is the basis for successful job realization, and he also expressed the willingness of the company to support Metovnica residents in every respect.