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Regular exchange of information about the exploration decline project, as well as support for the development of the village, are the basic elements of future cooperation.

A complex project for construction of the exploration decline, implemented by Rakita, requires regular exchange of information with the local population, so the residents of Slatina will be regularly informed about activities that have an effect on their village in the upcoming period. This is one of the most important decisions from the meeting held between Rakita management and members of Slatina Local Community Council.

Deputy General Manager of Rakita, Gan Yonggang pointed out that Rakita applied the highest standards of the parent company Zijin Mining in the communication with the local community, and in this context good cooperation with the population is very important.

At this meeting, details within the Community Assistance Program for the development of Slatina were also specified. Rakita will donate funds to certain cultural events in the coming period, a local association of beekeepers, an infirmary in the village, and a football club.

President of Slatina Local Community Council, Boban Milojković, expressed his gratitude for these donations, and also took the opportunity to once again thank the donation made at the end of last year when a high-quality fence was installed around the school playground.

Details of cooperation in terms of environmental protection, employment of the local population, as well as remediation of certain local roads have been specified at the meeting as well.