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This year’s, the 27th Dance Festival in Slatina has gathered a large number of performers and cultural – artistic societies that nurture the folk tradition. More than 150 participants of cultural – artistic societies from Bor, Zaječar and Pčinja district competed in the festival. In addition to the competition, the program also had a part in which the Cultural – Artistic Society of Bor presented the dances from Šumadija and Crnorečje, as well as the songs of a group of singers and an orchestra.

Considering that the preservation of culture and tradition is exactly one of the guidelines of Rakita’s Community Assistance Program, the invitation to help in the realization of this manifestation was warmly welcomed. On that occasion, Deputy General Manager, Gan Yonggang, received an acknowledgement for supporting the organization of the Festival.

Within the three-day program of this event, the Beekeepers Society of Slatina organized an exhibition of beekeeping equipment and products, as well as a lecture for beekeepers. Rakita donated to this society as well, so Yang Yuankun, Director of Technical Department, has accepted the recognition for the special contribution to the development of beekeeping in Slatina.