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The conditions at the school in the village of Metovnica have been greatly improved following the upgrading of the heating system as well as certain construction works, for which Rakita has allocated 2.6 million dinars. 

Owing to this particular donation, a complete reconstruction of the heating system with new heaters in the school building – as well as the big hall of the Culture House, which will be used during the winter for the physical education classes – has been successfully carried out.

„We have been trying to upgrade the heating system in this school for years, because children were really cold in the winter. Unfortunately, due to the lack of money, it was not possible until now, so we are very glad that Rakita has recognized the needs of our students in Metovnica as well as the local community as a whole. A great benefit of this donation is that the students will now be physically active during winter as well“, stressed Aleksandar Vlahović, the Director of the department of the elementary school „Stanoje Miljković“ in Metovnica.

The President of the Metovnica Local Community, Dejan Marković, emphasized that donation means a lot to both the school and the local community, because improving school conditions also means a greater motivation for young people to stay in the village.

This works in the hall of the Culture House will create conditions for children to attend physical education classes during the winter, but the hall will also be functional for numerous events and celebrations that have been organized so far in the autumn and winter in cold room”, Marković said, emphasizing gratitude to Rakita.

As part of the construction works, a concrete walkway to the school was also done, as well as a staircase with a ramp to enter the boiler room.

The project of improving the quality of education for children in the village of Metovnica has been realized on the initiative of the Local community Metovnica and supported by Parents’ Association „Bebironče“ from Bor.